Go from stuck to unstoppable. It's much easier than you think! 

And I'm going to show you how...

Everything you desire. Everything you want to achieve is within your reach. 

I believe we all have the power to achieve our ultimate goals and vision. 

I also know that most people aren't working at even 20% of their full capacity. 

Therefore they don't achieve what they're destined for.

I was once in that same position. Producing 20% of what I knew I could. Stuck in self-doubt, lack of clarity and paralyzing anxiety. 

It wasn't until I made up my mind that mediocre was no longer an option that things began to shift. And my once far off vision became my normal life. 

BTW I'm not a special case. I'm not unique. Everyone is capable of reaching their goals. The biggest obstacle is always the one looking back at you in the mirror. 

That is exactly why I created this program. To help driven individuals who know deep within them they're meant for more...

Get unstuck and create an unstoppable momentum that never ends. 

One of the biggest issues I see when people try to accomplish goals is the stop and start pattern. It’s when you get all hyped-up and excited. Go hard and heavy for about seven to ten days but then the momentum dwindles. Before you know it, you're back at square one, defeated and stuck.

I know exactly what that feels like. I lived it for years. Stopping and starting does nothing for your confidence or your results.  

That’s why I'm so pumped to be offering this program. I'll show you exactly how to go from stuck to unstoppable in a systemized program. 

My goal for you is to create a momentum you can take into this year and for years to come. So you can live your vision and achieve your dreams. 

All YOU desire is in your POWER. 

Introducing Massive Momentum 2.0... the program for the driven leader who knows they are meant for MORE.

So what it's all about... 

This program is about getting crystal clear on the goals that light you up. NOT the goals you logically think will be good for you. Because those logical goals... NEVER stick. 

We're going to uncover what you really want. The goals with passion and purpose behind them. 

Then step by step you will release the fears, doubts, beliefs and bad habits that have been keeping you stuck. 

Lastly, you will learn how to fully step into power and become the unstoppable force you were always meant to be. 

You will get unstuck

You will take action 

You will create an unstoppable momentum.

Your goals will be achieved (Disclaimer: if you do the work) 

If you're the type of person who invests in programs and never opens them, this program isn't for you.

If you're the type of leader who invests in a program and then invests the time and effort to get the results, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Here is what we'll be covering:

MODULE 1: Clarity 

This module is about getting crystal clear on what you want. Creating specific powerful goals that align with your desires. You will experience clarity and have a solid foundation to move forward

MODULE 2: Discover Your Motivator 

Are you the type of person who is motivated by pleasure or pain? You're going to find out after completing two unique exercises that will blow your mind. Be prepared to be seriously motivated after this module. 

MODULE 3: Beliefs  

Your beliefs shape your life and control more than you can imagine. In this module, you get clear on the internal, often subconscious dialogue keeping you stuck. This is LIFE CHANGING

MODULE 4: The Real You 

In this module, you re-program the beliefs from module three. You'll have a chance to create new powerful beliefs that will help you achieve even any goal! Even the HUGE ones. 

MODULE 5: Release And Surrender 

This is all about helping you release the burden and weight you carry on your back. You're not in this world alone. You're always guided. In this module, you're going to get the chance to tap into that guidance and release the struggle. 

MODULE 6: Stepping Into Your Power 

This module has the power to change your life. You must step into the identity of the person you want to become. Once you step into that identity, you are fully in your power and your goals are as good as done. 

MODULE 7: Taking Action 

The inner work is critical to your success, but if you don't take action then nothing is going to happen. This module guides you to own your power and getting down to business. Say hello to everything you've been dreaming of flowing in!!! 

BONUS #1 - Visit Your Future-Self (Guided Visualization) 

This bonus itself is worth the entire cost of the program. Visit your future-self and receive power guidance that instantly has the power to change the trajectory of your life. I regularly charge $150 for personalized guided visualizations but this is yours FREE. 

BONUS #2 - Commitment Declaration 

Declare your commitment to yourself by signing this commitment declaration. Put it where you can see it daily to keep you on track. 


Before the program, I was experiencing a lack of direction, a lack of being sure what the next steps should be in my business. I was feeling stuck because although I had SOME growth, I wasn't where I wanted to be. Following the program, my practice has gained new clients as I have refocused my marketing and determined my true passion. I have moved from 1/2 my caseload being full to 2/3 full in such a short time!

- Amanda Dutton 

 This program and your guidance not only helped me to truly see that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to, but it has 100% helped me believe in myself, boosted my confidence and self-worth.

- Delsean Haywood

I now understand I can be the fastest runner, have the most endurance, and mentally handle the rigors of the race. My epiphany came when I realized I have always focussed on the race but I never had a solid goal or sight of the finish line. I've been spinning my wheels but no longer.

- Kevin Benjaman


  • You start off with a bang but find your motivation tappers off quickly
  • You have BIG goals and are ready to make them happen 
  • You're prepared to take full responsibility for your success 
  • You want to learn what's been keeping you stuck so you can release it for good 


  • You don't take full responsibility for your life
  • You're not prepared to invest time or effort in yourself
  • You aren't interested in changing your current circumstances
  • You plan on investing in this program and never opening it

Have you had ENOUGH of waking up and re-living the same morning, afternoon and night... always dreaming for MORE? 

Alright then...

Let's do this!

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About Lisa

Instructor BIO

Lisa Jeffs

Lisa Jeffs is a certified coach, writer, intuitive, and former counseling instructor with a B.A. from Ryerson University. She helps leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs overcome their issues around fear, limiting beliefs, lack of clarity, and confidence… equipping them to create the life, impact, and income they desire. Since beginning her business in 2014 as a personal coach and launching her life coach practice online, Lisa has grown her following to over 34,000 and has worked with hundreds of driven leaders on a similar mission as hers. To create a massive impact in the world and achieve success on their terms. Lisa has appeared and been published in sources such as Bumble Bizz, YFS Magazine, Mel Magazine, Having Time, Awesomeness TV, Tiny Buddha and Thrive Global to name a few.

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